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Vision Impairments

Vision Impairments

For guests who are blind or partially sighted we have the following products and features available for visitors. You will find a detailed rundown of all our accessibility features, products and services in our downloadable Accessibility Statement document.

  • Assistance dogs are welcome.

  • Water is provided for assistance dogs; doggie towels and food is available on request.

  • Our staff are trained on how to make themselves known to a blind or partially-sighted visitor.

  • Audible voice synthesisers are fitted in both passenger lifts to alert vision impaired visitors as to what floor they are on.

  • Staff are also trained in guiding blind and partially sighted people safely.

  • New handrails have been fitted to all stairs.

  • Defined nosings (trimming) has been added to most carpets to improve definition of stair edges.

  • Our Accessibility Statement is available in large typeface for those with vision impairments.

  • Large typeface emergency evacuation information leaflet for disabled delegates to help them into and around the venue given on arrival.

  • Fonts and colours on our menus are helpful to all but especially for those who benefit from a marked contrast and clearer print.

  • Sufficient light in Café Bar to make it easy to read menus.

If you need any more information don't hesitate to contact us or on 020 7665 2323 and we'll be delighted to help.