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Electricity and Gas

Electricity and Gas

We closely monitor our electricity and gas usage. The green team promote the sustainability to staff via the intranet and other internal communications channels.

Initiatives that have reduced energy usage include:

  • Switching off PCs and monitors during lunch breaks.

  • Switching off printers and photocopiers at the end of each day.

  • Only lighting and heating areas of the venue when the rooms are in use.

  • Installing new energy efficient motors and fans.

We have replaced most of the building's light bulbs with energy saving ones.

The venue has a Building Management System - a stand-alone microprocessor unit that monitors and controls the heating, cooling and fresh air supply to the offices and function rooms.

This technology manages the temperature and air quality between set parameters throughout the building.

As well as committing to using fewer resources, we carried out a thermal survey of the building to identify where heat is lost through poor insulation. As a result we:

  • Re-lagged several pipes.

  • Re-fixed ill-fitting windows.

  • Installed a more efficient water calorifier to provide hot water.

  • Reminded all staff to keep windows and doors closed.