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Food Legacy Policy

Food Legacy Policy

The food legacy pledge is a promise for organisations to improve, and transform the food system to make it safer healthier and more sustainable, for the benefit of everyone.

We have undergone the following steps to ensure we maintain our food standards to the highest possible degree;

Step 1 - State our commitment:

Tell our customers and the public that we are developing and implementing a healthy and sustainable food policy, within a specified timeframe, for the benefit of people and the planet.

Step 2 - Gather information:

Assess and monitor the safety, tractability and healthiness and sustainability of the food we buy and sell.

Step 3 - Make a plan to serve food that is safe, healthy and sustainable:

Addressing the issues set out on the Food Legacy pledge page (www.foodlegacy.org) with specific commitments to serve healthier food, and to buy and promise British and seasonal food, farm-assured produce, free-range eggs. Fair-trade certified products, demonstrably sustainable fish and a growing proportion of food produced to verifiably higher standards of animal welfare and environmental protection. Also to adopt a good waste-reduction strategy and to promote good food training, covering health and sustainability, for all elevant staff. Specific commitments will vary depending on the size and type of business, agreed in discussion with the Food Legacy programme.

Step 4 - Implement the plan:

Set dates by which changes will be made and how they will be measured and communicate this to staff. Measure and report publicity on progress and review and improve periodically in response to new sustainability information and new options and productivity.

Step 5 - Communicate clearly:

Spread the message with our customers, clients, supplier(s) and employees and other key stakeholders about healthy and sustainable food.

Step 6 - Influence wider progress:

Influence to encourage others to join the Food Legacy journey.